Deadlifts and Chill T-shirt

I love deadlifts!


deadlifts and chill t-shirt
deadlifts and chill t-shirt

Workout out in the gym has been a passion of mine for the past 5 years, and it has been great to me!

It has given me strength in regard to physical strength and mental strength!

It has given me confidence, willpower and motivation to pursue my life’s goals!

While most people prefer training mostly their upper body, I actually prefer training legs more!


It’s because training legs makes me feel very strong!

I cycled for most of my life, so my legs are strong!

And when I do deadlifts, I feel super strong as I can move a lot of weight!

I recently managed to lift 400lbs on the deadlift, so while loving this exercise, I came across this deadlifts and chill t-shirt!

So I had to get it! It’s a humorous twist on the popular phrase “netflix and chill” so I thought it was great!