The rise of custom made t-shirts

For the past 5 years, the custom printing industry has been booming!

If you scroll through your Facebook feed, you will probably stumble upon some advertisements of fancy t-shirts which target your hobbies and interests!

This has been in line with the improved economy, as the recession is truly over and consumer spending and discretionary income has increased!

This has also been in line with the rise on online shopping, and many of these fancy designs have been started by online start-ups!

According to Wikipedia , the most common form of commercial t-shirt printing is screen printing. The design is separated into individual colors and then water based inks or plastisol is applied to the shirts using mesh screens which limits the areas where ink is deposited!

A guide to screen printing t-shirts can be found in the YouTube video below:

There are also been other methods that are becoming quite common, such a heat transfer vinyl, dye sublimation printing, and direct to garmet (DTG) printing!

Now the custom printing industry has expanded to many other product such as hats, hoodies, yoga pants and even Nike shoes!

Here at flicker design works, we love custom made designs, so we will share some our favourite designs in the future weeks and months!

To begin, you can check out this website for some examples of how emojis have been rising and starting to be placed on all sorts of products: